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Deck: Sacred Geometry Cards for the Visionary Path
Spread: Card of the Day
Date: Sun Jul 30 10:17:19 EDT 2017

Today’s Card
53. Infinite Wisdom (Reversed)


Whales are denizens of the deep, caretakers of oceanic wisdom, and record keepers for planet earth. They communicate by means of song stories and telepathy. Whales remember how to travel with grace of movement over thousands of miles, following ancient migration routes.

The four horizontal figure eights, or möbius strips, suggest that their wisdom is greater than time and depth . . . it is Infinite Wisdom.

Pulling this card could find you seeking a measure of wisdom to help you comprehend a situation. Something does not make sense and you are having difficulty understanding why events are occurring as they are. Quiet your thoughts and allow your consciousness to float in this fluid blue ocean. Tune in to the wisdom the humpback mother and calf embody. You may want to trace an infinity symbol on your forehead or palm, or move your hands in a flowing figure eight to help you connect with this infinite wisdom. Telepathically plug in to the records kept by these magnificent cetaceans. Ask this infinite source to offer you the wisdom you require to bring greater understanding to your thoughts.

If your inquiry is not one of confusion, this card confirms that you are indeed in touch with insight and good judgment, and you may be assured that your decisions will be sound. Celebrate your own wisdom.


Today you may not feel so wise. Relax into the knowing that this too will pass.

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