Herbs – Calendula, Skullcap, Columbine, Dragon’s blood resin




Botanical Name: Calendula officianalis

Common Name: Calendula

Folk Names: Pot Marigold, Bride of son.

Habitat & Description: Zone 3, well-drained, poor soil in full sun. Works in most soils, Bushy and aromatic.

Planetary Ruler: Sun

Gender: Male

Elemental Rule: Fire

Parts Used: Whole flower head, petals

Culinary Uses: Tea, tinctures, salads

Medicinal Uses: Cradle cap, gastric disorders, eczema, yeast infections, herpes, ringworm, athletes foot, varicose veins, antiseptic.

Magickal Uses: Protection, prophetic dreams, legal matters, psychic powers.

Other Information:

  • Petals good substitute for saffron.
  • Calendula leaves are good for salads when young.
  • Flowers are produced from spring until autumn. Dead head to promote continuous blooms.
  • Shakers used it as a remedy for gang green.
  • Petals used as a colorant for cheese.
  • Calendula used to be grown as a vegetable.

Botanical Name: Scutellaria lateriflora L.

Common Name: Skullcap

Folk Names: Greater skullcap, Helmet flower, Hood wort, Mod weed, Quaker bonnet.

Habitat & Description: Zone 3-8, well-drained soil in partial to full sun. Perennial with slender rhizomes.

Planetary Ruler: Saturn

Gender: Female

Elemental Rule: Water

Parts Used: Whole Plant

Culinary Uses: Teas, tinctures, decoctions

Medicinal Uses: Calming nerves, compulsive complaints, insomnia, calming tension.

Magickal Uses: Love, fidelity, peace, relaxation and peace.

Other Information:

  • Women who wear skull cap guards against the charms of other women.
  • Skull cap can be used in the treatment of drug withdrawals.
  • In access causes confusion, stupor and twitching.
  • Do not use if pregnant.
  • NOT to be confused with Chinese skullcap (Scutellaria baicalensis) which is a different herb.

Botanical Name: Aquilegia candesis

Common Name: Columbine

Folk Names: Lions herb

Habitat & Description: Zone 4, well-drained, moist soil in semi shade or no shade, Rocky slopes.

Planetary Ruler: Venus

Gender: Female

Elemental Rule: Water

Parts Used: Flowers, leaf, root

Culinary Uses: Flowers are only part that is edible. All other parts are poisonous.

Medicinal Uses: Diuretic, astringent, parasitic poison

Magickal Uses: Courage, love.

Other Information:

  • Flowers are edible and are full of nectar.

Botanical Name: Dracaena species

Common Name: Dragon’s blood resin

Folk Names: Blood, Blume, Draconis resina

Habitat & Description: Grown in the tropical areas for the production of dragon’s blood resin. In other locations plants can be used as house plants.

Planetary Ruler: Mars

Gender: Male

Elemental Rule: Fire

Parts Used: Plant Resin

Culinary Uses: NONE

Medicinal Uses: Healing wounds, helps with chest pains, postpartum bleeding, menstrual irregularities.

Magickal Uses: Love, protection, exorcism, potency.

Other Information:

  • Dragon’s blood is used in Voodoo practices.
  • Dragon’s blood can be used as a dye and varnish.