Archetypes and fairies

Tarot Journal

For the past year or so my inspirations have led me down the rabbit hole of exploring the magickal, and psychological, world of the archetypes; in myths, fairy tales and, of course, the tarot.

I find this to be such a rich and fascinating area that I want to explore ever deeper.  Maybe befriend these energetic beings (constructions of the collective psyche or entities in their own right…?) and get to know them better.  One way I hope to do this is through meditation and creative writing.  I also aim to read up on Jung’s work when the right time comes.  Approaching the tarot et al. from both a spiritual (Druid/Wicca) and Psychological (degree student) background makes this a fertile territory to explore for me both intellectually and creatively, as a means to understanding myself and the world around me; it’s people, animals and entities.

Eager to see where it…

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