Introduction to Astrology – Casting Spells during Moon Phases

While the full moon is a traditional time for rituals, spells can be cast anytime and anywhere. The best time depends on the practitioner, when, as mentioned above, one is able to be relaxed and focused. Uninterrupted privacy is also a consideration.

A Bit More Information – The moon is an important factor in when to cast spells.

– Spells of increase, and gain should be cast in the waxing moon – from new moon to full moon.
– Spells and Rituals of completion and thanks for gains are best set at the full moon.
– Spells of decrease and lessening are best in the waning moon – from full moon to new moon.
– Spells and rituals of beginnings, plantings and inception are best at the new moon.
– Dark moon rituals and spells are usually for self-discovery.

The house the moon is in also determines the workings you can or should do.

Moon in Ares
Battles, combat, conflict, consecration of altar, consecration of swords, ego, energy, energy work, greens, health, heroism, impatience, knives, making trouble, naiveté, new ventures, pioneering, quick results, rescuing people in trouble, restlessness, sarcasm, sharp things, surgery, vitality, war, warriors, weapons, working, on/with magical weapons.

Moon in Taurus (the strongest)
The arts, binding, business, conservation, contacting Deity, dance, endurance, essence of earth, ethics, farming, fertility, Gaia, greed, love, music, patience, physical love, planting, possessions, prosperity, security, self-esteem, sensuality, sex, silence, values, wealth.

Moon in Gemini
Bisexual issues, buying, cars, commerce, communication, computers, consecration of cards, consecration of pictures, consecration of tools, consecration of wands, contacting Deity, dual nature, field trips, friends, gay issues, gossip, ideas, innuendos, intelligence, learning, long distance communication, memory, movement, neighbours, networking, selling, short trips, siblings, sleight of hand, teaching, thievery, telephones, trans-gender issues, transportation, travel, words.

Moon in Cancer (very strong)
Archetypes, buying a home, children, consecration of altars, consecration of chalices, contacting Deity, cooking, divination, eating, establishing a coven-stead, family, finding a home, food, health, helping with problems, home, initiation, keeping secrets, listening to others, looking into the past, mothers, past lives, planting, psychic abilities, raising food crops, real estate, security, starting a tradition, traditions, weather work.

Moon in Leo
Aristocracy, awards, celebrations, children , creativity, dating, fun, gambling, games, giving, investment, kings, leisure work, love, naming a child, parties, play, queens, receiving, recognition, romance, royalty, self-expression, selling a home for profit, speculation, vacation, warmth.

Moon in Virgo
Analysis, business, bureaucracy, consecration of pentacles, consecration of tools, co-workers, crafts, detail work, evocation, food, healing, herbs, herb-lore, logic, low magic, medicine, military, needs of the community, nutrition, obligations, organising, plastic arts, police, relationships, relatives, science, tools, trade, vitamins, wellness, work, the workplace, working with others.

Moon in Libra
Accountants, aid to others, balance, beauty, contracts, dating, debate, diplomacy, discussion, etiquette, justice, lawyers, laziness, legal matters, love, lovers, loyalty, manners, marriage, mentoring, negotiations, partnerships, peace, politeness, pottery, relationships, romance, scrying, socialising, team building, tyranny over the weak, war.

Moon in Scorpio (weakest)
Banishing, consecration of athames, consecration of tools, contacting the dead, contacting other planes, crisis, death, developing psychic talents, divination, emotional truths, energy work, extremes, exorcism, fighters, finding lost items, forging a group identity, hidden talents, hypnotism, initiation, integrity, intensity, keeping secrets, law, mastery, merging with others, morality, morals, noble motivations, purging, purification through suffering, rebirth, regeneration, renewal, research, ritual experience, uncovering hidden things, warriors, will power, work (magical), work with two people.

Moon in Sagittarius (weak)
Ability to perceive right from wrong, accessing Akashic records, big business, business, contacting Deity, contacting higher planes, divination, dreams, dream work, education, eternal optimism, ethics, faith, fame, fun, generosity, good luck, high mysteries, higher learning, judges, language, law, learning, legal matters, long journeys, mind expansion, monopolies, parties, philosophy, publishers, publishing, resilience, serendipity, starting a tradition, teaching, thoughts about the future, wild abandon.

Moon in Capricorn
Achievement, advancement, big business, business, career, clocks, conscience, Crone, degrees, employers, government, hard work, honours, inherited traits, jobs, long term results, mountains, presidents, professions, profound wisdom, promotion, the public eye, reputation, responsibility, respect, rocks, ruthlessness, social climbing, social standing, statesmen, stones, time, traveling long distances, world leaders.

Moon in Aquarius
Acquaintances, anarchy, aspirations, astrology, authority, bettering the human condition, causes, circumstances beyond your control, clubs, covens, coven work, energy, energy work, fairness, founding a coven, freedom, friends, future, genius, honesty, hope, idealism, legislative bodies, logic, making the world a better place, meeting new people, non-emotional judgment, objective judgment, organisations, reason, social awareness, social upheaval, surprises, trustworthiness, Utopia, work with a coven.

Moon in Pisces
Alcohol, aloneness, bad luck, banality, banishing, brews, charity, chemicals, cleansing, confinement, conquering fear, criminals, divine madness, downtrodden, drawing out poison, dregs, elixirs, endings, examining the hidden aspects of yourself, escapism, facing the past, faith, fear, hidden enemies, high hidden things, high magic, humanitarian concerns, hypnotism, karma, listening to the still small voice, mediumship, merging with Deity, orphans, past lives, possession, potions, prisoners, prisons, psychic healing, reincarnation, secrets, secret societies, spirituality, the unfortunate, vulnerability, welfare, work with incense, work with oils.

Introduction to Astrology – Moon in Pisces

Moon Sign Characteristics for Pisces

Keywords: Spiritual, Artistic, Susceptible, Intuitive, Whimsical, Compassionate

Those born with the moon in a Water sign need to establish solid emotional commitments. Before considering the practicality of a situation, and before objectively examining the facts, they react emotionally. They are highly intuitive, though at times it is deceptively self-serving.

As lunar Water sign personalities, those with moon in Pisces are at the mercy of their sensitive nature. Wounded by insults, and beset with fear of rejection and other insecurities, they do not do well in relationships with those who are emotionally tough and independent. As a defence mechanism to protect their inner vulnerability, they may turn into bullies, out to get others before others get them. It is best for these individuals to adopt a religious or philosophical outlook that can provide them with an underlying strength that their temperament does not naturally possess.

Piscean moon personalities are romantic, idealistic, and creative. Quite a few lunar Pisceans are gifted writers, actors, and illustrators. In spite of their sensitive nature, they often have a strong outer personality. Remarkably imaginative and farsighted, the major flaw that prevents their projects from being successful is impracticality or else lack of clarity or both. Adept at sales and promotion, they are not always as responsible as they should be when it comes to how much actual substance there is in what they offer. Their excess emotions imply the almost certain potential for waging lifelong battles against overindulgence of every kind.

Women with Pisces moon are prone to developing anxiety complexes. They are also apt to be psychic with a gift for healing. Their emotional nature is well-suited for the comfort of a domestic life, though they may be unwilling or unable to efficiently manage the household. Men with Pisces moon are vulnerable to being victimized in their personal life, while at the same time, having great strength and wisdom to ably handle the affairs of others.

Introduction to Astrology – Moon in Aquarius

Moon Sign Characteristics for Aquarius

Keywords: Sociable, Perverse, Independent, Altruistic, Demanding, Unflappable

Those born with the moon in an Air sign usually respond to situations in a way they think should fit the facts, that is, they act in a way they think others expect them to act, or they imitate the same behaviour as others. This gives them the appearance of emotional coolness or non-involvement. Before turning a situation into a physical experience, and before considering the stability or practicality of the thing, or even how they may really feel about it, they tend to do and say what seems appropriate as if it were not really happening to them. In spite of what appears to be their analytical detachment, most of them are loving and loyal in relationships.

As lunar Air sign personalities, those with moon in Aquarius can be very sympathetic without being sentimental. Rarely beset with moodiness themselves, they often fail to pay attention to it in others, giving the impression they don’t care. Idealistic, optimistic and friendly, they are unbiased and liberal in their treatment of people in general. Highly social, they attract friends and acquaintances from all walks of life, social and cultural backgrounds. They have difficulty focusing attention on just one person. As far as they are concerned “the more the merrier”. Despite whatever eccentricity shows up in their personality, they are emotionally stable. Something in their emotional make-up gives them remarkable ability to calm those who are mentally disturbed or hysterical. When disappointed or unhappy, they focus on their activities and chores with such aplomb that others may not even realize they are upset.

Aquarius moon personalities do not want to be rushed or forced into making an emotional commitment. Once they make a commitment to an idea, project or relationship, they are tenaciously loyal and dedicated. Strong individualism and an eccentric nature can make marriage difficult. Marriage or raising a family rarely changes their established way of thinking and doing things. Though remaining independent in opinions and attitudes, more often than not, their attitudes and opinions turn out to be pretty traditional.

Women with Aquarius moon are often better friends and companions to their children than traditional nurturing mothers. Their interest in business or social affairs can distract them from ordinary domestic life. They may experience sorrow and disappointment in female relationships. Men with Aquarius moon display little jealousy or possessiveness in romantic relationships, a tendency that is sometimes interpreted by their partners as lack of love. Pursuing ideals and mental endeavours are often more important to them than amassing material wealth.

Introduction to Astrology – Moon in Capricorn

Moon Sign Characteristics for Capricorn

Keywords: Reserved, Grasping, Stable, Self-conscious, Structured, Unsympathetic

Except in the pursuit of pleasure (to which many of them can be quite dedicated) those born with the moon in an Earth sign are not emotionally spontaneous. They don’t nonchalantly accept the responsibility of long-term relationships, or analyse emotional commitments merely as a mental exercise. They may hesitate to move at all unless they feel they are on solid ground, or there is some personal advantage to be gained by their emotional involvement.

As lunar Earth sign personalities, those with moon in Capricorn are of a practical nature. Though willing to fulfil responsibilities for a relationship, they are often unable or unwilling to understand what the other person actually wants or needs. Capricorn’s influence on these lunar personalities is demonstrated by their tendency to worry, and their need for structure and formality. They find it hard to relate to those who do not share their opinions and values. Reluctant or unable to discuss their own problems, they are nevertheless quite willing to help with the problems of others. It is never very easy for them to express their deepest emotions, to feel relaxed and content inside themselves. Fear of rejection is strong. Anything vague or unspecified in a relationship, whether business or personal, makes them feel insecure. They must know where they stand. Everything must be proper and legal. When it comes to romance and marriage, it may take them longer to find someone they can love as well as trust.

Capricorn moon personalities are dedicated to getting their own way and accomplishing personal goals. Ambitious and strong-willed, their efforts are primarily directed to their own advancement, though they can be very effective in helping others to progress. They enjoy being in the spotlight which prompts many of them to seek a public or prominent position in their work or other activities. They have great respect for knowledge and are often quite intelligent themselves. Tendency to harbor anger and resentment instead of allowing themselves some type of emotional release, can cause physical maladies and depression.

Women with Capricorn moon are likely to be ambitious at the expense of their personal life. More interested in gaining material wealth and status, or overburdened with too many responsibilities, they can miss the joy and satisfaction of relationships. They are excellent administrators. Men with Capricorn moon have difficulty relating to women. Relationships with females may be too formal to allow warmth and closeness, or the bond they share may be so tight as to be emotionally crippling. Their complicated emotional nature must be handled with considerable patience and understanding.