A Flame for Love, Truth, and Wisdom


In the WildWood Tradition, we keep, witness to, and aim to embody the three gifts of our beloved Goddess–love, truth, and wisdom. They are crowned by beauty and open the way to the Peace of Paradise; to living with, in, from, of, and by grace. | Light three candles in a variety of colors. One will represent love, another truth, and the last, wisdom. Find a truly beautiful candle, and then one by one add the flames of love, truth, and wisdom to this candle of beauty. | Meditate on the Peace of Paradise. Commit to grace. Chant aloud: | "In the name of love � in the name of truth � in the name of wisdom � and by the beauty that crowns them all, in the splendour of Spirit, I am opened to the Peace of Paradise. In grace do I live."

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