My Oracle Reading

Deck: Sacred Geometry Cards for the Visionary Path

Spread: Card of the Day

Date: Sat Aug 12 08:01:30 EDT 2017

Today’s Card

63. Jade Meander (Reversed)

Harmony • Beauty

Embedded in this card is a beautiful, meandering crop formation. The feel of this geometry is similar to the way life force moves through the human energy system. The meandering pathway conveys balance and harmony. Green jade vine and two butterflies amplify the elegance and harmony of this scene.

Choosing this card reminds you to notice beauty all around you every day and to take it into your being as one way of creating greater harmony and accord in your life. See how even a stormy day is filled with splendor. Observe the exquisiteness of any one of your personal sacred objects as if for the first time. Give your attention to the harmonies in music and realize you can experience them as multidimensional. Notice how even such simple observations transform your perceptions.

Hold an awareness of beauty and harmony in your heart long enough to generate a “feeling” you personally associate with each one. Observe this “feeling” and realize you can consciously recall it any time you need a bit of harmony to ease the stress of your day. Walk in beauty and flow with the harmony of the spheres.


Something is out of sync. Reflect on the flow of your day and see if an adjustment would bring greater harmony.

Presented by Sacred Geometry Cards for the Visionary Path app from The Fool’s Dog.

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