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Deck: Sacred Geometry Cards for the Visionary Path

Spread: Card of the Day

Date: Fri Aug 11 06:33:45 EDT 2017

Today’s Card

56. Above the Storm (Reversed)

Dynamic Action • Clarity

This is a card of dynamic action and fresh starts. A funnel cloud spins, and bolts of lightning flash in dark swirling clouds. Above the storm, clear light radiates from crystal geometry. A figure eight, or möbius strip, composed of hands weaves around the scene, uniting turbulence and radiance. The möbius strip is a symbol of single-sided nonduality, linking darkness with clarity.

Every human life has times of turmoil and unrest, times when storm clouds seem to close in and conditions become challenging. You may be experiencing such a time: when sparks fly and tempests rage. Or it may be that someone you love is going through a crisis. Tough times come and go, and it is important to remember the truth in the old saying “It is darkest before the light.” Whether it is your own storm or that of a friend, this card asks you to move beyond difficult times with ease, grace, and tenderness.

Consciously witness what is occurring. Step out of the drama and view the turbulence with the eyes of an observer. Act in support of the decisions that need to be made to move this dynamic action to a place above the storm, where clarity and light may overcome all obstacles. Use the möbius strip to help you visualize how energy moves through times of dynamic action into the light. Envision crystal clarity as the outcome and give thanks for your ability to weather the storm and find a fresh start.


It seems that storms just keep coming. Perhaps a change of location will bring you into the light.

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