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Deck: Sacred Geometry Cards for the Visionary Path

Spread: Card of the Day

Date: Thu Jul 27 08:19:22 EDT 2017

Today’s Card

7. Trinity (Upright)

Triangle • Mother, Father, Child

Three is a holy, divine number often associated with Christianity as the trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Here trinity is transposed to the holy divine creation of family—mother, father, and child. This downward-facing triangle symbolizes receptivity to the commitment of your sacred lineage.

A triangle of symbols from the Maya Tzolk’in embodies this intimate trinity.

 Ahau designates the sun and the father aspect of God.

 Imix is the feminine aspect of God, the mother who nurtures and creates form.

 IK’ is the wind who blows life and humor into being through breath.

Pulling this card asks you to open to a greater understanding of the way you relate to your family. Whether it is blood family or the community you call kin, create in your mind a vision of peace, harmony, and respect. Allow the child at the center of this card to spiral you into appreciation of the ones you call family. Breathe love and humor into this holy trinity. Open your heart and offer yourself to a receptive flow of affection coming not only from your birth family but also from all your relations. Honor your connection to and feel love also for the family of humankind.


Separation and alienation are aspects of old-paradigm thinking that you will release as you come to realize you are one with All That Is.

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