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Deck: Sacred Geometry Cards for the Visionary Path

Spread: Card of the Day

Date: Fri Jul 21 09:23:42 EDT 2017

Today’s Card

55. Octomotion (Upright)

Flow • Flexibility

Octopuses are known for their ability to swim with fluidity and to conceal themselves as they crawl across the reef. If you are fortunate enough to see one, it is likely they are doing the dance of “octomotion,” demonstrating graceful, flexible movement. They can pull their arms into tightly coiled spirals or stretch them beyond what seems possible. The mantle can take on the spiky appearance of seaweed or the bumpy texture of coral. The octopus is the eight-legged master of motion and flexibility.

Octagonal star geometry inlaid into this card enhances the power of eight and speaks of resonance and periodic renewal. This card asks you to examine how ideas and events are moving toward the subject of your inquiry. Are you in resonance with the flow? Are you engaging the situation with optimism, suppleness, and flexibility? If so, this card applauds the sincerity of your intentions.

Or do you feel the need to camouflage your ideas and emotions by adapting yourself to what you believe is expected of you? There are many ways to move through a situation. The path of least resistance and flow is generally the easiest. Remember, however, not to consent to rigidity in this situation or permit it to obscure your light. The worth of your voice will be made apparent as you recognize and honor your dedication to integrity and express your personal truth. Renew your intent to be flexible in body, mind, and Spirit while respecting the truth at your core.


Either too great a flow or not enough can hinder movement. Dance, run, or engage in any type of movement to help aid in your return to flexibility and flow. Stretch and move the body, mind, and Spirit.

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