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Deck: Sacred Geometry Cards for the Visionary Path

Spread: Card of the Day

Date: Mon Jul 10 06:15:28 EDT 2017

Today’s Card

36. Garden of Delights (Reversed)


The geometry of this card is a dodecahedron nested within a star tetrahedron. We might say this is a vehicle of heaven . . . a place to play with magic and delight.

Joyfully enter this garden of delights. Take pleasure in the beauty of this glorious night-blooming cactus and its large white flowers, commonly called Pitaya, Moonflower, or Queen of the Night. The exotic fruit of this nocturnal delight is known as Dragon Fruit. It is sweet, juicy, crisp, and gorgeous.

What a surprise to find a playful, happy dragon inhabiting the garden.

This card suggests that you envision your life as a garden of delights and look forward to surprises. You never know when enchantment, amusement, and revelations will astonish and amaze you. Look for them everywhere. Appreciate and savor the arrival of something unexpected. Laugh with this little dragon and enjoy the awe and wonder he imparts. See surprises as marvelous gifts.


You could use a bit of surprise and delight just now. Realize that you have merely to shift your attention and greet the winds of change.

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