One thought on “The Witches’ Rune (A Must for Every BOS, Printable)

  1. Good morning sweetie,
    My, the site has changed from just a few hours ago. I hope you are doing well today. I just wanted to stop by and thank you for being a member at the WOTC. I also wanted to tell you that I appreciate the link to our site. I added your site on our links’ page this morning. If you would like you can check it out. Since your site has changed since I added the link, I wish you would check it out. I put the description for your site that was under your site’s title. Perhaps there is something more that needs to be added to your description. By looking at your site, I would definitely say so. I love it, it is beautiful. Well laid out, organized, great job. So please, check out the link to your site and if you have a better description, I will more than happy to add it.
    Have a very blessed day, dear sister,
    Lady A

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