My Tarot Reading

Deck: The Witches Tarot
Spread: Card of the Day
Date: Mon May 18 12:51:26 EDT 2015

Today’s Card
XV • The Shadow Side (Reversed)

The Shadow Side replaces the traditional Devil card; Witches don’t identify with the concept of a Devil figure. The Shadow Side shows what happens when you let fear and panic take over. The card illustrates a couple cringing away from a shadowy and frightening figure. They are alone in a sinister forest. Clearly their fear is ruling them. The clothes of the man and woman are dark and dreary, representing their unhappiness at being in a dark place in their lives. The posture and expressions of the couple illustrate their fear and show that they have inadvertently given away their power to someone or something else. Running and hiding from the shadowy creature is not helping the couple, nor are they finding any comfort. Instead they must turn and face their fears, and stop letting situations and people frighten, intimidate, or upset them.

We all must walk through dark times now and again. The question is, are you going to rise to the occasion and defeat your fears? Will you face the challenging people in your life and deal with the situations head-on, or will you whimper and fret about it? Face your adversaries and fight back with honor and integrity, and you will defeat those who challenge you.


This card symbolizes that you are allowing someone else or a situation to have power over you. The old coven-mate who left in high drama, the in-law from hell, or the boss you cannot please—this is a person who can walk into a room and ruin your day…because you let them. Break those chains and walk out of the shadows! Stop giving away your power, and stand strong. What is important to remember is that you can break free of your reaction anytime you wish. It’s time to embrace the shadow side of your personality and to really look your fears in the face. Come to terms with whatever is holding you back. Stop cowering. Work to find balance and courage.

Keywords: Allowing another person to have power over you and your reactions. Defending yourself from baneful magick. Overcoming fear to emerge victorious.

Deity Associations: Pan, the Horned God, Volos.

Astrological Association: Capricorn.

Reversed: Oppression, illusions, trickery, deceit.

Presented by The Witches Tarot app from The Fool’s Dog.


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