My Tarot Reading

Deck: The Witches Tarot
Spread: Card of the Day
Date: Sat Mar 14 05:05:50 EDT 2015

Today’s Card
XII • The Hanged Man (Upright)

A young man is calmly hanging upside down from his right foot on an ash tree. While he hangs there he is in a transitional state or undergoing an initiation of some kind. The halo around the Hanged Man’s face shows him to be experiencing an epiphany. The peaceful skies in the background of this card tell you this phase is not a time to fear. You need to let go of something old and hurtful in order to gain this new wisdom. Enjoy this new perspective and in-between chapter of your life, and see what you discover.

In the Norse Pagan tradition, the world tree Yggdrasil supports the entire universe. The raven is a totem to the god Odin, and the bird symbolizes initiation, secrets, and prophecy. Just as Odin hung on the world tree to gain the knowledge of the runes, the Hanged Man also finds his answers on the ash tree during this transitional phase of life.

The raven holds a sparkling golden pentagram and looks down on the Hanged Man as if to ask what he is doing there. Perhaps this is his totem animal and it is keeping the Hanged Man company during his transitional state. Ravens are magickal, clever, and playful birds. They are attracted to sparkling and shiny objects and will cache them. The classic colors of red, green, yellow, and blue speak of balance within the four natural elements, and these colors make up the Hanged Man’s costume. The runes embroidered around the neck of his shirt and decorating the trunk of the ash tree are a link back to Odin, the world tree, and the wisdom found there.


When this card appears in a reading, it is a message to look at things from a different viewpoint. Embrace the idea of initiation as a vehicle to newer wisdom and a clearer spiritual path. Let go of the illusion of control, turn things on their heads, and look carefully at the lessons before you. Relax and be patient; this may not be easy, but fighting against the changes in your life only creates more drama. Read the signs carefully, be they tarot cards or runes. Meditate on their lessons as you allow yourself to go through this transitional or initiatory phase calmly and with joy. By doing so, you will uncover the mysteries.

Keywords: Initiation, transitional phase of life. Relax and let changes come. New outlook on life, rune magick, gaining a new perspective on a current situation.

Deity Association: Odin.

Astrological Association: Neptune.

Reversed: Being stuck, not being able to let go or move forward.

Presented by The Witches Tarot app from The Fool’s Dog.


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