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Deck: The Witches Tarot
Spread: Card of the Day
Date: Sat Feb 14 06:31:16 EST 2015

Today’s Card
King of Wands (Reversed)

A handsome middle-aged man with titan-colored hair sits on a golden throne. His pale blue eyes are direct, and he is smiling just a bit. The King of Wands is leaning towards you, full of enthusiasm, energy, and generosity. He is interested and wants to be a part of your plans and goals. The King of Wands wears a regal red tunic with a golden rampart lion on the chest. In heraldry the lion represents royalty, courage, and power.

His cape is exquisite, as befits a king, and in flame colors. His crown is large, golden, and inset with rubies. In crystal magick rubies are used to sharpen the mind and intensify awareness. Around his chest drapes a livery collar, or chain of office, also made up of the solar gold and set with rubies. In his right hand he holds a tall blooming hawthorn wand. Red streamers trail down from the wand.

In the background the sky is bright yellow and red, as if the sun is rising, showing all of the fresh possibilities of the new day. This particular king rules with authority, passion, honesty, integrity, and generosity. As correctly depicted in his card, the king has a hard time staying on his golden lion throne. He is a man of action and is at his best when he is thinking on his feet and in the thick of things.


When the King of Wands turns up in a reading, watch for a fair fire-sign man. A business man—a leader, a mover, and a shaker—he is outgoing, direct, charming, and confident. This is the man who can do it all—a “super dad.” He has a successful career, coaches his kids’ Little League team, and keeps his marriage vital all at the same time. This man is happiest when he is involved in many activities all at once. He is faithful, dependable, and passionate, and if he gets frustrated or annoyed, he may have to work hard to hold on to his temper. This card also represents creative expression and the championing of another’s ideas and dreams. You may find that an investor or partner for your future venture is much closer than you think, or that you yourself may be the energetic supporter of another. Creativity and artistic talents are at an all-time high.

The lesson of the King of Wands is that energy and enthusiasm will help you achieve your artistic and creative goals. Be generous and supportive to the people in your life.

Keywords: A fire-sign man. A super dad. A mover and a shaker. A person who is charming, outgoing, energetic, and generous. Mentoring another. Enthusiasm, artistic expression, creativity.

Associated Elements: Fire and air. Fire is the suit of wands’ related natural element, while all four of the kings are associated with the wise and thoughtful element of air.

Astrological Association: Leo.

Reversed: Arrogance, greed. Taking credit for someone else’s hard work or ideas. A self-centered individual.

Presented by The Witches Tarot app from The Fool’s Dog.


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