My Tarot Reading

Deck: The Witches Tarot
Spread: Card of the Day
Date: Fri Feb 06 08:50:55 EST 2015

Today’s Card
XXI • The World (Reversed)

The World card symbolizes the end of the Fool’s travels and is a culmination of all the cards before it. He has worked his way through the mysteries of the Major Arcana and has found completion. The Fool is shown in the upper left-hand corner. He is older and wiser now that he has completed his magickal journey. In the other three corners of the World card we have representations of the gifts he has acquired while on his expedition. In the upper right-hand corner, a golden eagle soars through the sky. The eagle stands for the gifts of intelligence, courage, and confidence. In the lower right, we see an adult male lion. The lion signifies the gifts of strength, passion, and rebirth that the Fool has now obtained. In the lower left-hand corner is a powerful stag. The stag symbolizes pride, poise, and integrity. Our wiser and older Fool can now easily put to use all of these skills both in his magick and in his daily life.

The Green Man in the center of the World card smiles out at us with foliage surrounding his face and branches crowning him. The branches coming from the top of the Green Man are a nod to the antlers of the horned god of nature. For Witches, the Green Man is a beautiful and evocative representation, or archetype, of the awesome powers and magick of the natural world. It is a perfect representation for the final card of the Major Arcana, as the Green Man and the World card are both symbols of renaissance, rebirth, and regeneration.


When this card appears in a reading, it is a sign that spiritual lessons have been mastered. There is a sense of freedom and harmony to be enjoyed. Newly acquired knowledge, strength, and even spiritual understanding will now be put to good use. It may also symbolize successful completion of a project, a personal renaissance, or even strong and healthy spiritual connections between people and/or coven members.

Keywords: Rebirth, wholeness, completion, joy. Victory and achievement. A journey’s successful end. The magick and wonder of the natural world. Spiritual connections between people and/or coven members.

Deity Associations: The Green Man, Gaia.

Astrological Association: Saturn.

Reversed: Delayed completion of a project. Recurring problems. Turning your back on the magick of the natural world.

Presented by The Witches Tarot app from The Fool’s Dog.


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