My Tarot Reading

Deck: The Witches Tarot
Spread: Card of the Day
Date: Wed Feb 04 06:47:24 EST 2015

Today’s Card
Nine of Wands (Reversed)

A strong and determined-looking woman is dressed in red with a large heraldic dragon embroidered upon the center of her tunic. She wears a silver pentagram amulet for protection around her throat. The woman has deep wine-red hair and holds one blooming hawthorn wand easily and diagonally across her body like a quarterstaff. Both a Witch and a warrior, she has on sturdy brown pants and leather boots as she stands at the ready to defend her turf. Eight other wands are posted into the green grass and arranged behind her as if they are creating a barrier. In the background the sun is setting beautifully over the mountains and casting long shadows across the grass and the flowers. The setting sun symbolizes that the warrior’s test is soon coming to a successful end, and that her diligence has paid off. In the grass at the base of the wands, St. John’s wort is blooming in places. The herb St. John’s wort is associated with fire and the Midsummer sabbat, and it also symbolizes physical and magickal protection.


When the Nine of Wands turns up in a reading, it is a notice to be on guard against trouble, mischief, gossip, and baneful magicks. Now is the time to be alert to trouble and be vigilant with protecting yourself and your professional or magickal reputation. You may need to defend yourself, so be alert and stay on guard. Stamina, courage, and conviction is needed at this time. Magickal protection work may be required. You may not feel like you have the fortitude for any more dramas, but stand firm and be strong. Defend your turf and your reputation skillfully and vigorously. The suit of wands is all about creativity and ambition; you can do this. Draw some boundaries, call upon your inner resources, and stand strong.

Keywords: Stamina, courage, protection. Be alert to trouble. Protect yourself and your reputation. Stand strong, be on guard. Magickal protection work may be required.

Reversed: Paranoia, fear of failure, lack of courage. You look to others for a rescue when you should look to yourself first.

Presented by The Witches Tarot app from The Fool’s Dog.


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