My Tarot Reading

Deck: The Witches Tarot
Spread: Card of the Day
Date: Sat Jan 31 08:07:40 EST 2015

Today’s Card
Page of Wands (Upright)

The young Page of Wands is traveling. In the background we can see mountains and a bright blue sky. He is a young teenage boy with dark red hair and gray eyes. He wears sturdy traveling clothes, a soft golden tunic and a bright red traveling cape. The element of fire is represented by the warm colors of his clothes and his golden pendant. Around the page’s neck is a large medallion in the shape and colors of a sunflower. In his right hand he holds a blooming and beribboned hawthorn wand like a walking stick. His left hand is up and cupped to the far side of his face as if he is shouting out a call. The page’s expression shows us that he is bellowing for all he is worth. He is a news bearer and takes his job seriously and performs it with gusto. The Page of Wands brings enthusiasm and happiness wherever he appears. Accompanying him on his travels is an orange tabby cat. The tomcat is his familiar and trots alertly along with the page. Cats are classically associated with the element of fire, and this wise orange tabby is a fitting companion for our page as he travels abroad and shares his good news. The sunflower is associated with solar magicks, success, and fame. The clumps of ivy on either side of the Page of Wands and his familiar symbolize good luck and ward off negativity.


This is an auspicious card and a cheerful one. When the Page of Wands announces himself into a reading, be prepared for happy news and exciting times. Typically this news will come from a younger person. Watch for a young, fair-haired person. The Page of Wands may be announcing a new job opportunity or a promotion, or he may be heralding the impending birth of a child (especially if the Ace of Cups also appears in the spread). Expect an invitation or an opportunity.

The Page of Wands eagerly shouts out this message to you: it’s time to use your imagination and your determination to achieve your goals of success.

Keywords: Eagerness, a news bearer. Expect exciting and happy news soon, typically from a younger person. Determination and imagination. An invitation or an opportunity.

Associated Elements: Fire and earth. Fire is the suit of wand’s related element, while all four of the pages are associated with the practical element of earth.

Reversed: Workplace gossip. Rumors and innuendo. Bad news.

Presented by The Witches Tarot app from The Fool’s Dog.


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