The Secret to Creating More Magic & Playfulness in Your Everyday Life. ..(It involves a Princess!)

Love little introspective meditations like this

The Women's Tribe

moon image 5

My friend Angie messaged me that she dreamed of me and I had a beautiful ballerina princess on my right shoulder.  Interesting right!?  As a shaman and even someone who has studied Jungian therapy, I believe in the symbolic messages and guidance of our dreams.  So I embraced this little Princess Ballerina and ran with it to explore her message for me.

At yoga class last night I successfully did a headstand.  Yes… thank-you, thank-you 🙂  It has been almost two years since I’ve even tried to do one due to my poor health so it definitely speaks to my progress and growing strength each day.  Anyhow, as I sat there taking in the joy of the pose, I imagined this little princess on my shoulder.  Somehow she seemed to be like a tiny weeny mouse, much like Stuart Little but in princess ballerina format.  (Don’t ask me why I…

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