Connecting with Earth Goddess Energy feedly

Connecting with Earth Goddess Energy

The Roman earth goddess Ops was celebrated with great revelry this time of year. The abundant fertility of all crops that grow from the earth’s soil are Ops’ domain. | Modern Pagans honor Mother Earth in many forms across many cultures. Take today as an opportunity to connect with the energy of the earth goddess. Go outside to a grassy area where you can sit undisturbed for a few moments. Sit directly upon the earth and feel yourself connecting to it. Commune with the earth and feel its qualities of grounding, stability, and growth well up within you. This is the energy that springs forth and nurtures all that grows from the earth’s soil. Put your hands upon the earth, express your gratitude for the earth goddess’s support and her abundant gifts, and send your prayers and blessings into Mother Earth. Meditate quietly until you are ready to resume the activities of the day.

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