Water Blessing feedly

Water Blessing
// Llewellyn’s Spell-A-Day:

On this day historically, Romans honored Volturnus, god of waters and fountains, with feasting, wine drinking, and games. Locate a suitable body of water, something you can stand in. If you live in a city, find a pool or fountain. If you live in the country, find a lake, river, or stream. Take a picnic of bread, cheese, and wine. Enjoy an early-evening dinner by the water. Satiated, take off your shoes and socks and stand or lie in the water. Then say: | "From the earth, this sacred water, Touched by sun, cleansed by fire." | Scoop up a handful of water, and blow on it. Say: | "Caressed by air and blessed by breath, Volturnus, be blessed." | This spot is made magical. You have invoked Volturnus and can return here anytime to honor the god of waters and fountains.


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