Spell to Halt Gossip


This last sliver of moon can be used as Hecate’s Sickle, bright and sharp, cutting the threads of slander and innuendo. Write the words of your accuser(s), even if that accuser is you, on a piece of parchment. Inscribe a black taper with protective symbols and phrases, such as "This ends now!" Light a charcoal, and sprinkle it with slippery elm as you read aloud the gossip and lies. Allow your rage to build, alternating the accusations with your own truths. As the energy peaks, yell: | "This is a lie, and your gossip ends | NOW!" | Fire the energy into the paper, and then light the paper with the black candle and watch it burn. | Allow your rage to dissipate, knowing that the false accusations will stop directly. Feast on red juice or wine and a favorite cookie for your cakes and wine, and let the candle burn down naturally, if safe to do so. Remember, always, the power of the word, and commit to being impeccable with yours.

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