Clear the Way for Virgo

To clear out old energetic sludge and prepare for the highly organizing (and quickly approaching) period during which the Sun will be in Virgo, choose one or more little clutter-clearing projects today, and perform it/them with a great deal of intention. For example, you might plan to roll up all your loose change, clear out the medicine cabinet, organize your desk, and get all the receipts and trash out of your wallet or purse. Before you begin, light a white candle and perhaps diffuse some rosemary and/or peppermint essential oil. Say: | "As my home I clear and purge, | sparkling pathways now emerge. | Seeds of clarity now I sow, | and all that’s stuck begins to flow." | If you have a limited amount of time, you might set a timer for half an hour or more and then do what you can. Otherwise, complete your chosen tasks and then continue if you feel so inspired.

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