Back to School

This is the time of year when schools are gearing up to open their doors again for the fall. For many, colleges and universities especially, classes will begin next week. If you will be shopping for or have already purchased school and dorm supplies, collect everything in one central location. Cleanse the items with a sage stick or a light sprinkle of salt, and bless them, placing emphasis on their positive powers enabling clarity and understanding in the school year. Place a small container of honey on your altar, and light small red and yellow candles for Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of academic knowledge, science, music, and art. | "Saraswati, bless these tools of enlightenment. | Bestow delight in learning and clarity | in understanding."

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One thought on “Back to School

  1. Unfortunately my son decided not to continue his education (College) and (thankfully) grade/jr/high school started today. Just hope they call my hubster in for subbing the HS kids. Gives me some breathing room. 🙂

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