Virtual Money Manifestation

Try this spell to bring in money for something specific that you need. You’ll need digital images of your need, as well as either digital scrapbooking or imaging software. (I use MyMemories.) | Mentally prepare yourself for spellcasting. You might wish to light a white candle nearby. Work on creating your scrapbook page up to the point where you have the background papers in place. Take a moment to create some word art | stating your need. This is the next component to go on your page. | Finish up by placing the photos and adding whatever embellishments you wish. The word area should be completely hidden behind the images. That forms the hidden intent of the magic. When embellishing, remember to keep the focus on your need. | Finally, either print the finished page or set it as wallpaper on your computer. Take a moment each day to see your need fulfilled.

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