Faerie Garden Blessing


Call upon the faeries, the Fey, the Wild Ones of Nature, to bless your garden with this simple spell. | Consider the fact that if you live outside of Europe, and you yourself are of some European descent, the fey ones you call may be both European faerie and native-to-the-land Fey. This is a crucial understanding. To learn more about the relationships between migratory spirits and indigenous spirits of place, read Charles de Lint’s Newford series. | Lay out sweet offerings of organic honey, cacao, nectar, and perhaps dairy milk if you are keen on the European faeries as well. | Sing and shake bells in the center of your garden to call in the Good Neighbors: | "Come, blessed Wild Ones, | Here to this garden, | Laid here are offerings, | For you to take in. | Come, blessed faeries, | Here to this garden, | I sing for your honor, | Inviting you in."

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