Row by Row

Autumn is the season of harvest, which typically begins in early August. Previously done with draft horses or oxen, it involves cutting the grain and turning over the earth. This is now done primarily with tractors, but it still entails going back and forth over the rows. So harvest is a time of repetition and introspection. This lends itself well to meditation. | Any kind of repetitious, backand-forth motion is suitable for this meditation. Knitting, crocheting, raking leaves in the yard, or even walking will work. Choose what you can do, what helps settle your mind. Seek to attune yourself to the energy of the harvest season. As you go back and forth, repeat this mantra: | "As the ox plows, | As the tractor turns, | Row by row, | As the pen writes, | As the knitter binds, | Row by row, | So time passes | And minds remember, | Seasons go."

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