What do you think? Celtic triple goddess

So I’ve got the task of researching the triple goddesses. All I was given as a starting point was to look for Celtic goddesses… so I’m torn.

The Morrigan is often considered a triple goddess, but I have also found that Brigid could be the maiden, Danu the mother and Morrigan the crone.

Are there others who could fit these roles?
What are your thoughts?


One thought on “What do you think? Celtic triple goddess

  1. Something to keep in mind when looking at Celtic triplicate goddesses, is that the maiden/mother/crone dynamic is foreign to Celtic mythology. The Morrigan, is often represented as a triple, but I’ve also seen her numbered up to five (the name may be more about function than identification). Brigid is represented as triplicate in the form of sisters with no specific variance in ages. Danu, is thought, by some, to be sisters with two other seldom mentioned goddesses, forming a triplicate of queens over the realms of Earth, Sea and Sky. Good luck in your research! 🙂

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