Blessing with Fire: The Fire Kit

Any magick user should be able to kindle fire, and this will be easier to do with a ready-to-use fire kit. Dip "strike anywhere" matches in melted paraffin or clear fingernail polish, and allow to dry; store in an empty film canister or other airtight holder. Save a large handful of laundry lint from your dryer trap, storing it in a plastic bag; this lights instantly and burns hot. Collect candle stubs and broken crayons; these melt in a fire and help wood "catch." Add a pocketknife for creating shavings and a couple tightly folded pieces of newspaper. You might also include pieces of resinous "fatwood" and a fire starter kit–these usually contain flint and steel or magnesium and steel. | Store your components in a watertight container decorated with the elemental symbol for fire: an upward-facing triangle. Each time you kindle fire, offer a blessing of thanks for this life-sustaining gift.

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