Talking to Those Who Don’t Understand Wicca or Neo-Paganism

Ayslyn's Corner

pentacleInvariably when you self-identify with a group that is not in the majority and are at all vocal about it, you’re going to have people who are confused, curious and sometimes downright hostile, especially in faith and religion. I mentioned in another post a long time ago that, in a sense, when you identify as Wiccan, you’re taking on the role of ambassador for all Wiccans. You’re representing each of us as a collective group. That’s a lot of pressure when you think about it, not to mention the fact that these people who are unfamiliar with our belief structure are often ones we have to interact with on a regular basis.

Being a minority religion means that at some point you will have to explain yourself, explain Wicca and explain the thought processes to someone else. Regardless of how defensive or angry they may become, there are ways to…

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