Declaration of Independence

Commemorate the Peruvian declaration of independence from Spanish conquistadors. This spell helps you list what you wish to have independence from–bad habits, toxic relationships, stress, or debt– and plan a path toward freedom. | Independence doesn’t happen overnight. Like the Peruvians, you’ll have to plan, strategize, organize, and fight for your rights. First make your list. Then choose one thing and write it on a separate paper. For example: Eliminate credit card debt. Write the steps toward freedom: "Curtail credit card purchases. Use tax return to pay off Visa. Use birthday money to pay down MasterCard." Attach dates to each step, and identify a final date for independence. Clear debts by June. Fold plan in half, and state: I declare my independence. Fold it in half again. Self determination is my right. | Place your independence plan on your altar and revisit it as needed until you are free. Do this for each of your wishes.

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