Ritual : Twinning Puja/Ceremony

Love this idea!

Every once in a while (if you are truly lucky) you will come across a sister or brother of spirit. Someone who stands for you closer than family. I am very humbled to have such a person in my life. She is my ‘sister’ on both my earth and spirit walk. My twin and I had previously had unexpected astral travels to each other in times of great need.  This ceremony came out of the realization of our strong bond and connection during this lifetime which we decided to honour through ritual.

 The Twinning ceremony is in its essence the adoption of a person into your life as family. A bonding.  The ceremony utilizes Herkimer Double Terminated ‘Diamond’ Crystals (you will need two), a Tea Pot on a candle warmer stand, two cups, tea leaves, and bread (and honey for sweetening the tea) as offerings. The Tea Pot will represent the…

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