In ancient Rome, a festival on this day honored Neptune. While Neptune’s origins are shrouded in mystery, at some point his identity merged with that of the Greek Poseidon, the trident-wielding god of the sea. Neptune/Poseidon is a powerful deity: his alignment with the waters indicates his association with treasure and prosperity, and his plethora of divine children indicates his potent fertility magic. | Create an altar to Neptune today. Perhaps include his image, some seashells, a chalice or bowl of water, and a deep blue candle. Say: | "Neptune, powerful and regal ruler of the sea, I honor you this day." | Choose a single intention or desire related to prosperity, success, or fertility, and tell Neptune about it, being sure to respectfully request his assistance with the matter. Thank him in advance for doing so, then light a stick of incense as a fragrant offering of gratitude and devotion.

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