Tarot Spell for Success


Gather cinnamon oil; red, orange, and yellow candles; and the tarot cards Strength and the Sun. Anoint the candles with cinnamon oil, and place the red candle on the left side of your altar, the orange candle in the middle, and the yellow candle on the right side. Place the Strength card in between the red and orange candles on the left, and place the Sun card between the orange and yellow candles on the right. This way, you will draw in strength and project successful energy. Next, visualize being successful at your chosen endeavor. Now, light the red candle and say: | "Power of fire, feed my spirit." | Light the orange candle and say: | "Power of the Sun, shine good fortune upon me." | Light the yellow candle and say: | "Strength and fortune here combine; ensure success shall now be mine!" | Allow the candles to burn for at least one hour.

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