Runic Protection

Runes often come to mind when dealing with protection spells and sigils. Perhaps it’s the grace inherent in their alphabet. Whatever the reason, the runes were certainly the inspiration for this home protection spell. | For this spell, you’ll need airhardening clay of some sort and a tool to etch a symbol into your clay–a toothpick will work just fine. Soften and knead the clay before dividing it into four balls, each about the size of a cherry tomato. Squish each ball into a flat disc. Now, you want to etch a protective rune into each disk. Options include Ken (protection of valuables), Othel (heirlooms, possessions, home, and land), or even Thor’s hammer. Allow to dry and then consecrate the discs to the protection of your home. Finally, bury one at each corner of the house or property.

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