Citrus for Prosperity

The solar energetic vibrations that rule over Sunday conjure images of golden yellow and orange hues, making it a perfect day to focus on boosting prosperity in the home. | Gather a large, attractive bowl; several golden-colored citrus fruits, such as oranges or tangerines; your prosperity incense of choice; and an image of the Hotei Buddha (the laughing Buddha). Place the Hotei image and the oranges in the bowl on your dining table. The dining table often serves as an energetic center of the home, as family members often gather here for spiritual nourishment (socialization and interaction) and bodily nourishment (meals). Light your incense, hold your hands over the bowl of citrus, and charge with the following incantation: | "By auspicious fruit of golden peel, | I make this humble appeal: | Health, Wealth, and Prosperity, | May your golden light shine upon | my home and family. | For the highest good, | So mote it be."

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