Beautification Motivation

It’s an excellent day for focused efforts related to beautification. Since everything is connected, beautifying your body and/or home will in turn help beautify every area of your life. | Light a white candle. Say: | "This is the light of motivation and unbending intent." | Light a pink candle. Say: | "This is the light of divine beauty." | Place your left hand on your heart and your right hand on your belly. Say: | "Effort begets blessings, blessings beget | beauty, beauty begets more beauty, and | on and on it goes. Aphrodite, beloved | goddess, as I take steps to enhance my | attractiveness and that of my home, | please bolster my motivation and infuse | my results with your radiant glow." | Next, brainstorm a list of proactive beautifying steps you might take in the physical realm: give yourself a facial or manicure, take regular morning jogs, clear clutter, mend the curtains. Act on at least one of them today.

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