Meeting the Challenge

Are you facing an arduous task or challenge? Do a ritual of empowerment to speed you along the way. Begin at dawn–the best time for fresh starts. Before beginning, make a detailed list of each step that you must complete to meet the challenge. Now ground, center, and invoke the elements–or use whatever ritual structure suits your purposes. Set a piece of snowflake obsidian (a powerful grounding stone) on your altar, and allow it to charge throughout your ritual. Set your detailed list on the altar as well. Explain aloud the challenges you face, asking for guidance: | "May I have the strength of earth, | inspiration of air, passions of fire, | and flexibility of water." | Tie a red string around your wrist as a symbol of power. Conclude the ritual, tucking the stone into your pocket and leaving the list and string in place until your goals are met.

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