Sprkling Insights


At this time of year, sparklers and other fireworks are readily available. Sometimes you can even find them in different elemental colors. Fire elementals particularly love these things, which are showy but fairly safe if you take reasonable precautions. Different kinds of light may reveal subtly different details about the inner or outer world. The brief, brilliant light of sparklers is good for catching sudden insights. | Obtain a package of sparklers, ideally in a variety of colors. Stick them in the ground, one at a time, and light them. As you burn each one, say: | "Sparkling light, | Catch and take flight. | Burn in the air; | Show me what’s there. | Truth lives in flame, | Sure as a name. | Here and then gone, | Thought lingers on." | Watch for ideas to appear in the quick flickering light and shadow of the sparklers.

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