Happy, happy, happy


In Pamplona, Spain, today is the beginning of Los Sanfermines, a festival honoring Saint Fermin, which climaxes on July 14th. The opening of the fiesta is celebrated with fireworks and the launch of a giant rocket called "el chupinazo." Los Sanfermines is said to be a long festival celebrating happiness, and at the end, the people of Pamplona traditionally sing, "Poor me, poor me, the San Fermin Fiesta has ended." | Let this inspire you to be happy. Write a gratitude list of ten things you are thankful for or blessed by. It doesn’t matter if they’re large or small, finite or infinite. Write them down. The act of writing a gratitude list and "counting our blessings" can improve our mood and make us feel happier–true magic at work! | Today, whenever you remember, count your blessings, give thanks for all you enjoy, and be happy! No time to sing "poor me."

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