Everything in its Place


An altar is a center of magic, like the hub of a wheel. It creates a physical manifestation of metaphysical forces. Everything important to you has a place on your altar. The basic tools–wand, athame, chalice, and pentacle–represent universal ideals. However, you can also assemble an altar based on your own | personal symbolism. This works well for meditation, or spells to influence | your own worldview. | Begin with an empty table. Drape it with fabric in your favorite color. | Add things that remind you of the elements and deities, such as photos, | figurines, etc. Select items that have personal meaning, not standard items. | Then charge the altar: | "Symbols from the inner world turn their faces outward, twirled, now together, now apart, dance of body, hum of heart. | Altar table, smooth and fine, hold the magic that is mine. | Chosen here with thought and care, in these images you bear."

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