Sustainable Offerings

Most of us magickal folks believe in some sort of magickal polarity in the universe–a give and take that retains balance. An important part of this involves giving offerings, which replace energy and elements used and thank or perhaps appease those entities that assist us. | In this day and age, with our home planet endangered by environmental damage and rising temperatures, it’s important that our physical offerings be items and materials that don’t harm the environment and may even benefit it. Rather than offering the traditional silver coins to living water, offer shiny agates | or quartz crystals. If strewing seed over the ground, ensure that the seeds are native to the area, avoiding introduction of non-native species. | Rather than offering cornmeal, which attracts insects and rot, use dried herbs or a handful of compost. If hanging "cloutie" rags in trees, use | natural fabrics like cotton, wool, and linen.

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