An Idea Day

As the moon approaches new, take a moment to brainstorm new ideas and directions. | Light a white or yellow candle and a stick of frankincense or cedar incense, get a notebook and pen, and say the following invocation: | "Mercury and spirits of air, I call on you. Please quicken and sharpen my mind | So that order, harmony, and success may prevail. May the seeds I plant today | Beautifully fuel all of my tomorrows." | Begin by brainstorming new ideas, such as career goals, projects or habits | you’d like to start, or responsibilities you’d like to let go of. Then take | some time with each one. Without censoring yourself, write down everything | that comes to mind under each heading. | Once you’ve reached a completion point with each one, refine and hone your plans and resolutions until you feel positive and exuberant about what you’ve come up with.

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