Comfrey, Horehound, mullein, Bloodroot

Botanical Name: Symphytum officinale

Common Name: Comfrey

Folk Names: Assear, Black wort, Boneset, Bruise wort, Green plant, Healing herb, Kara kaffes, Wall wort, Miracle herb

Habitat & Description: Zone 4-9, Stout bristly-hair perennial with mucilaginous roots. Does best in moist to wet soil in sun to partial shade.

Planetary Ruler: Saturn

Gender: Female

Elemental Rule: Water

Parts Used: Leaves, roots

Culinary Uses: Fresh leaves are added to salads, cooked like spinach, and used in teas.

Medicinal Uses: Externally: Bruising, sprains, dislocations, skin irritations. Internally: Ulcers & digestive disorders.

Magickal Uses:  Safe traveling, money

Other Uses:

  • Put some in your suitcase for safe traveling.
  • It has been used for healing since early BC.
  • Do not use if pregnant
  • It is difficult to irradiate when it is established, very invasive.
  • The foliage of the plant can cause skin irritation.
  • Latin it means “to grow together”

Botanical Name: Marrubium vulgare

Common Name: Horehound

Folk Names: Eye of the star, Maruil, Soldiers tea

Habitat & Description: Zone 4, barren lands, open areas, wastelands, poor soil. Can be invasive.

Planetary Ruler:  Mercury

Gender: Male

Elemental Rule: Earth

Parts Used:  Leaf

Culinary Uses: Flavoring, teas, tinctures,

Medicinal Uses: Cough suppressant, expectorant

Magickal Uses:  protection

Other Information:

  • Can over run your garden, invasive!
  • Used in candies, cough syrups, flavorings all can be made from horehound.

Botanical Name: Verbascum thapsus

Common Name: Mullein

Folk Names: Candle wick plant, Torches, Velvet dock, Flannel plant, Lung wort, Arrons rod, Blanket leaf, Clot, Doffle.

Habitat & Description: Zone 5-9, well-drained, poor, dry soil in sun. Self seeding biannual with grey-green wooly leaves & yellow flowers on a spike.

Planetary Ruler:  Saturn

Gender: Female

Elemental Rule:  Fire

Parts Used: Leaves, flowers, roots – whole plant.

Culinary Uses: Tea, tincture, extracts for medicine.

Medicinal Uses: Internally: coughs and other respiratory ailments, urinary tract ailments. Externally:  sores, wounds, boils, rheumatism, nervousness, insomnia.

Magickal Uses:  Protection from evil spirits, courage, protection, health, love, divination, exorcism.

Other information:

  • Leaves harvested in summer and dried for infusions, extracts, tinctures.
  • Flowers can be used fresh or frozen for infusions, oils, syrups.
  • Put flowers in olive oil to help with earaches.

Botanical Name: Sanguinaria canadensis

Common Name: Bloodroot

Folk Names: King root, Red root, Tetter wort

Habitat & Description: Zones 3-8, rhizomes run underground. It’s a perennial but short lived.  It needs well-drained rich soil in sun or shade.

Planetary Ruler:  Mars

Gender: Male

Elemental Rule:  Fire

Parts Used:  Rhizomes

Culinary Uses: NONE

Medicinal Uses: Heals respiratory tract, externally:  skin diseases, warts, nasal polyps, benign skin tumors

Magickal Uses:  Love, protection, purification

Other information:

  • Anti Plaque.
  • Rhizomes lifted in August and used in extracts, ointments and tinctures.
  • Don’t use if pregnant.
  • Dark red roots are the best.
  • Also used as a dye.

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