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Talking to Those Who Don’t Understand Wicca or Neo-Paganism

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pentacleInvariably when you self-identify with a group that is not in the majority and are at all vocal about it, you’re going to have people who are confused, curious and sometimes downright hostile, especially in faith and religion. I mentioned in another post a long time ago that, in a sense, when you identify as Wiccan, you’re taking on the role of ambassador for all Wiccans. You’re representing each of us as a collective group. That’s a lot of pressure when you think about it, not to mention the fact that these people who are unfamiliar with our belief structure are often ones we have to interact with on a regular basis.

Being a minority religion means that at some point you will have to explain yourself, explain Wicca and explain the thought processes to someone else. Regardless of how defensive or angry they may become, there are ways to…

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Let’s Talk Witch – Herbal Wisdom Everyone Can Benefit from Herbs

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 Herbal Wisdom Everyone Can Benefit from Herbs

There is a strong movement towards the use of herbal preparations instead of the never ending supply of store bought, synthetic alternatives. Many people think that by using natural products they are eliminating chemicals from their lives. The word chemical has become such a negative word when in fact all herbs contain thousands of chemicals. And it’s the natural combination of these chemicals that provide the health benefits you get from your selected herbal medicine.

A herbal remedy is much more likely to help with a broader spectrum of related problems than synthetically derived drugs which target one particular issue. Diagnosis is rarely 100% correct and this is where herbal medicine can help your cells maintain a state of optimal balance. Not only do herbs provide medicinal help, they also provide nutrients essential for a healthy life. Many herbs contain natural ingredients that…

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Before You Make Herbal Remedies

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Before You Make Herbal Remedies

Make sure the herb you have is the herb that you want.

Although you may not wish to pop out into the woods to wildcraft your own herbs right now, you may wish to do so at another time. Wildcrafting is a term you may have already come across, it means collecting plants in the wild. In case you are a reader who has the opportunity to collect their herbs in the wild it is essential that you are able to identify the plants correctly. If there is any doubt at all leave it where it is. Many times poisoning has occurred due to the misidentification of plants. Better safe than sorry. Also, when collecting in the wild you should be aware of chemicals that have been used in the area which may have settled on your plants. Lastly, please leave endangered species alone. We…

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Cautions & Considerations when Using Herbals

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Cautions & Considerations when Using Herbals

It would be pretty irresponsible to start taking herbs with little or no knowledge of herbal remedial treatments. By not taking the time to consider all the factors and seek advice you could be putting your health at serious risk.

For instance, women who are pregnant should be careful of the herbs they take because their baby may not be strong enough or sufficiently formed to handle the effects of such a nutrient and this can put the health of the baby and in fact the pregnancy in danger.

When compared to the synthetic medications your doctor may prescribe for you, herbal medications usually do have fewer side effects, if any at all, but again this reaction has to do with the individual person taking the herbs. For example one person may drink herbal tea with mint in it and have no problems at…

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