Lady A’s Magick for Friday, October 24th – Lunar Energy Ritual


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Lunar Energy Ritual

Before beginning this ritual, you must select the moon phase you will work with. Many people work with the full moon because it is the most universally applicable energy. Depending on why you wish to access the lunar energy, you may choose the new moon or waning moon as more appropriate to your purpose. The following method of drawing down lunar energy can be used for any phase of the moon. You don’t need any materials for this ritual.

1. Prepare yourself and your space, then cast a circle.
2. Center and ground. Breathe deeply and steadily.
3. If you are not in a position to be able to see the moon, visualize it clearly in your mind’s eye as it would appear in the sky. Remember to visualize it in the correct moon phase.
4. Hold your hands up and out, as if they were cradling…

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WOTC Extra – Drawing Down Lunar Energy


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Drawing Down Lunar Energy

Drawing down the moon means that you are tapping into the energy of lunar power and using it to fill yourself, fill an object, or power a spell. (This is the same process used in drawing down the Sun). The practice of drawing down the moon is remarkably straightforward: Center and ground, place yourself into a receptive state by clearing your mind, establish a connection with the luminary (by line of sight or by visualization), and allow the energy to flow. Think of it as the reverse of the grounding process. You connect up instead of down, and then allow the energy to flow into you rather than reaching down and pulling the energy of the earth up.

In drawing down the moon, you allow your mind and spirit to become suffused with the primordial energies associated with the moon, such as feminine energy, psychic energy…

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Let’s Talk Witch – Drawing Down and Aspecting Deities


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Drawing Down and Aspecting Deities

This article looks at aspecting deities and drawing down lunar energy. Learn how to safely invoke the essence of a deity into your own body for a variety of purposes, such as divination, guidance, communion, and others.

The rite of drawing down the moon can be overwhelming, and takes many Wiccans years before they feel strong or confident enough to attempt it. The rite can seem basic, but each rite in practice involves a lot of control and can be extremely energy-draining. Drawing down the moon is one of the more experiential rites within Wicca. As with the mysteries, you must attempt it and actually experience it before gaining a deeper understanding of what it is and why it is done. Many Wiccans are stymied by the number of unexplained actions called for within the rite. The fact that there are two different sorts of…

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My Tarot Reading


Deck: The Witches Tarot
Spread: Card of the Day
Date: Fri Oct 24 07:46:28 EDT 2014

Today’s Card
Three of Pentacles (Reversed)

Keywords: Hard work, employment, progress. Success through dedication. Creatively using your talents. Magickal apprenticeship and achievement.

Reversed: Missed opportunities, laziness. No patience for the details. Unrewarding work.

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